These web pages are constructed for communication with people, especially my students and colleagues. The pages include some of my lecture notes about the classes given by me, home-works about those classes, and some software coded by me. And the web pages will be able to develop and expanded in the future.



What is the Geodesy? (Accessed at 08 Sep 2020 from IVS web).

NASA: A Brief History of VLBI (Accessed at 08 Sep 2020).

NASA: Space Geodesy Project (SPG) of NASA (Accessed at 08 Sep 2020).

Map Projections (Accessed at 21 Jan 2022).

NOAA: What are Geodetic Datums? (Accessed at 31 Jan 2022).

NOAA: Precision and Accuracy in Geodetic Survey (Accessed at 31 Jan 2022).

Demystifying The Metric Tensor in General Relativityy, on Map Projections (Accessed at 11 May 2022).





Information about all courses related Graduate, Undergraduate, and Vocational are easily accessible from their tabs step by step or sitemap directly.


SIU2020, The 28th IEEE Conference On Signal Processing and Communications Applications”, Medipol Univ., Gaziantep/Turkey. 20-22 Apr 2020, web.               Abst.Submission : 03 Jan 2020 Acceptance         : 21 Fen 2020 Full Submission   :                Early Registration: 06 Mar 2020